Circuit Breaker Replacement

Electricity is the lifeblood of your home, and it's managed by your circuit breakers. Circuit breakers have a larger electrical load to handle every year as our homes become filled with new devices, computers and appliances. Is your circuit breaker panel up to date - or are your old breakers limping along, struggling to meet your family's increasing electrical demands? Mr. Electric can help your circuit breakers meet your needs.

Symptoms of Overloaded Circuit Breakers

Many homes are still operating with old breakers, and homeowners are beginning to feel the pinch. Is your old circuit breaker panel keeping up? Are you tripping circuit breakers right and left these days? Turn to the experts at Mr. Electric for a circuit breaker replacement.

Other Reasons to Replace Breaker Switches

Overloaded circuits aren't the only reason people replace circuit breakers. After years of use, circuit breakers can go bad. There is no way to repair a faulty breaker, so replacement is the only solution. A circuit breaker that feels hot or smells like it's burning should be replaced immediately. If you have a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco electrical panel, or if your home still has an old fuse box, you could be in danger of electric shock or fire. Contact Mr. Electric immediately to schedule an electrical panel upgrade.

Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement

Replacing a breaker will deliver an immediate boost in your home's electrical safety and performance. Circuit breaker replacement will also:

  • Protect your expensive electronics, computers and appliances from electrical surges and the risk of damage to the devices
  • Prevent possible data loss from your computers when the electrical supply is interrupted
  • Avoid interruptions to your Internet connection and other important connections to the outside world
  • Minimize the risk of fire when your old circuit breakers get overloaded
  • Allow you to say good-bye to the inconvenience of using just one or two electrical devices or appliances at once to avoid tripping the circuit breaker

Professional Installation Is Key to Safe Circuit Breaker Operation

We cannot overstate how important safety is when it comes to replacing circuit breakers. Your power company's electricity supply runs right into your electrical panel. Replacing a breaker the wrong way can cause a deadly electric shock. Therefore, circuit breaker replacement should only be performed by a qualified electrician. Here are a few more important reasons you need to entrust your circuit breaker replacement to a professional electrician:

  • Improper circuit breaker installation can leave you vulnerable to fire, putting you and your family in danger.
  • You could also experience property loss through a fire or electrical surges from a carelessly installed circuit breaker.
  • Circuit breakers must be installed to code for safety and insurance reasons.
  • Mr. Electric is the one to choose to install your new circuit breaker. Our licensed electricians are prompt, friendly and professional. We'll do the job right the first time.

After your new circuit breaker installation, you'll enjoy the freedom to run the microwave, toaster and air conditioner all at the same time. Your home's electrical power will have a new infrastructure to keep your all your juice-loving electronics up and running. In addition, your Mr. Electric professional will inspect your entire home electrical system for free.

Free Residential Electrical Inspection

We always like to provide our customers with complete peace of mind before we leave their homes, and a professional electrical inspection is one way for us to do that. When Mr. Electric evaluates your home's electrical system, you can find out if all the wiring in your house is intact, learn about energy efficient lighting options, surge protection and more.

Does your home have a power problem? Just call on the electrical experts at Mr. Electric. We're always on call in your neighborhood - and we have the solutions to keep your home's electrical system up and running, safely and dependably. When Mr. Electric performs your circuit breaker replacement, you will also get your whole home electrical checkup for free.

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