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Simplify Life with Smart Home Devices


Nothing can enhance your home’s security and convenience quite like smart home devices. Automate your family’s comfort and safety with gadgets and controls you can access from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

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Smart Home Device Options

There are numerous smart device options to choose from. We recommend assessing your household’s needs and building your smart system starting with the most important devices first.
Here are some of our favorite must-have smart home devices:


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Smart Home Hub

The brains of a home’s smart device network, the smart home hub is a module that provides access to each connected device and offers new device integration assistance, troubleshooting help, and account access control. While not every smart home has a hub device, we strongly recommend one in case your smartphone is lost or broken. Mr. Electric can install a new outlet right where you want to place your new smart home hub. We can also upgrade electrical circuits to accommodate all your new smart devices.

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Security Cameras

If home security is a top concern, smart security cameras can keep a close eye on your property around the clock. You will be able to see real-time footage of your home right from your smartphone via cameras installed where they can capture video of would-be intruders. Mr. Electric can run power right to the spots where your cameras will be installed. We can also install self-monitoring cameras, but may be limited with cameras tied to third-party monitoring services.

Smarthome Smart Outlet

Electrical Outlets

If you frequently forget to turn off your coffee maker or flat iron, you need smart electrical outlets. These easy-to-install devices provide remote control of “dumb” devices by cutting or restoring power to that specific outlet. Plus, smart outlet apps feature power use reports so you can see exactly how much electricity the connected devices use each day, week, or month. Mr. Electric can add an outlet wherever you need additional plug space, or upgrade existing receptacles to GFCI and USB outlets, optimizing your home office and making your electrical system do a better job of meeting your needs.

Smarthome smart switch

Light Switches

Smart light switches are programmable and accessible from your smartphone. Some can also be controlled from other connected devices, such as a smart speaker or voice assistant. Ensure that your new smart light switches are compatible with any devices you already own by having Mr. Electric perform smart switch installations for you.

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Smart Lighting

Did you know that there are smart lighting solutions that allow you to automatically change the color and brightness of your home’s lighting? You can also schedule lights to turn on in the evening to make it look like someone is home, or make sure you aren’t coming home from work to a dark house and driveway. Your local Mr. Electric specializes in performing custom lighting installations. Let us upgrade your home’s interior and exterior light fixtures with smart lighting.

Smarthome Smoke Detectors

Smoke & CO Detectors

Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors offer benefits over old-school detectors. These smart devices will send you an alert on your phone when they sense smoke or carbon monoxide, including data about which device sensed the trouble. Some models will even tell you the severity of the issue. Smart smoke and CO detectors will also send you alerts when a battery is dying, saving you the hassle of a smoke detector chirping in the middle of the night! Electrical codes require all the smoke and CO detectors in a home to be interconnected; Mr. Electric can install hardwired alarms throughout your home and provide you with invaluable peace of mind.

Smart Home with a Smart Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans

That’s right, you can even have programmable, remotely controllable ceiling fans installed in your home. They’re a great way to automate your home’s comfort from anywhere. Some ceiling fan models are compatible with certain smart home speakers or voice assistants. Make sure you choose one that can communicate with your existing devices. Alternatively, installing a smart switch is an easy way to gain more control over an existing ceiling fan. Your Mr. Electric can help you determine the best plan of action for bringing smart ceiling fans to your home.

Smarthome Smoke Router

Working From Home?

Your home office environment can make or break your remote work experience. Simple upgrades to your home's electrical system will transform your workspace by improving lighting, electrical distribution, and internet connectivity. Mr. Electric is ready to help.

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