Home Electrical Safety Inspection Services

A Mr. Electric technician inspecting an electrical panel

Unless something is wrong with your wiring, the electricity in your home generally operates behind the scenes. We’ve become so accustomed to the modern comforts provided by electricity that it’s easy to forget that even the hidden wires in your homes require maintenance and inspection from time to time.

Despite how easy it is to forget about electrical safety inspections, regular system checks are extremely important. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical problems are the primary cause of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S. In addition, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) identifies small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper wiring as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions. These safety hazards can be easily addressed and prevented with an electrical home inspection.

What Is an Electrical Home Inspection?

When we do an electrical home inspection, we carry out a thorough examination of your entire electrical system to ensure that all electrical wires, systems, and components (such as appliances) meet legal safety standards.

While inspecting your home, we’ll use the National Electrical Code (NEC) as our primary guideline. The NEC is the code all electricians must operate under as it defines the parameters for minimum standards across the United States.

Upon completion of your electrical home inspection, a Mr. Electric® inspector will provide a detailed, prioritized checklist including areas in need of immediate attention, recommendations for improvements, and potential upgrade possibilities.

When Do You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

There are specific times when homeowners should schedule an electrical home safety inspection. The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends that homeowners make an appointment for an electrical home inspection:

  • When purchasing a home
  • When a home is more than 40 years old
  • When adding an appliance
  • When a home has had a major renovation

Benefits of an Electrical Safety Inspection

There are a few reasons why you should have a home electrical inspection. Not only is it important for the safety of your home and everyone in it, but getting your home’s electrical system checked by a professional will also offer you peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components in your home
  • Identifying common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY homeowners
  • Recognizing outdated wiring such as aluminum or knob-and-tube
  • Identifying electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time
  • Spotting oversized fuses or breakers that could lead to a fire
  • Allowing for the correction of fire and safety hazards
  • Helping you save energy and reduce costs
  • Meeting insurance risk assessment inspection requirements
  • Letting you know the electrical system in a new home is safe before you purchase it

What Does an Electrical Home Safety Inspection Include?

Your local Mr. Electric knows just what to look for when it comes to residential electrical hazards. An electrical home inspection from Mr. Electric covers:

  • Verification of proper light bulb wattage
  • Switch and wall outlet operation and condition
  • Shock or electrocution hazards
  • Verification that arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are operating properly
  • A check of all safety and security lighting
  • Confirmation of grounding systems
  • Validation of appropriate surge protection
  • Verification of the proper placement of smoke detectors
  • Testing of smoke detectors
  • Testing of carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspection of the electrical panel for appropriate labels, amps, and operation
  • An examination of outdoor electrical systems
  • A detailed, prioritized report on all areas of attention concerning the electrical system of your home

Schedule Your Home Electrical Safety Inspection Today

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