Electrical Panel Repair

Your electrical panel controls the electricity flowing to all areas of your home. Keeping it in good working order will ensure that your lights, appliances and electronics will work when you need them to. Get your aging or damaged electric panel repaired as soon as possible to keep your family comfortable and safe.

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What’s In an Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel is housed inside a metal box, which is typically painted gray. Inside the box you will see rows of switches; these are called circuit breakers. Each circuit breaker manages the electrical flow to a segment of your house. There will also be one large switch, usually at the top of the panel; this is the main circuit breaker, and it controls power flow to the entire electric panel. If you take the cover off the electric panel, you will see several other important components, including two hot bus bars, a neutral bus bar, and a ground bus bar.

How to Tell if a Circuit Breaker is Bad or Inadequate

When a circuit draws more electrical current than it’s designed for, the circuit breaker senses the extra heat in the circuit and shuts off power flow. Circuit breakers can go bad for various reasons, but the older your home is, the more likely you will face circuit breaker repairs. Old electrical systems are not equipped to supply adequate power to modern electronics, HVAC equipment and appliances. Lightning strikes, water damage and fraying wires can also cause big problems inside electrical panels. Here are a few ways to tell if a circuit breaker is bad:

  • A circuit breaker trips repeatedly
  • A circuit breaker will not reset
  • A circuit breaker feels hot
  • Smoke and/or a burning smell is coming from the electrical panel
  • Wires inside the electrical panel look frayed or melted
  • There is a sizzling or popping noise coming from the electrical panel

Electrical Panel Repairs

With Mr. Electric, every electrical panel repair starts with a thorough panel inspection and household assessment. We want to make sure we identify all electrical issues and offer effective solutions. Here are a few repair services Mr. Electric offers that can fix your electrical panel:

Electrical Panel Repair Service in Your Area

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