Electrical Installation Services

Any homeowner who has tried to install wiring on their own can tell you that electrical installation services don’t lend themselves to a DIY approach. It’s essential to have a qualified electrician to perform this work. They’ll make sure it gets done safely and won’t lead to any issues going forward.

Mr. Electric electrician helping a homeowner with an electrical installation.

You can count on Mr. Electric to get the job done right the first time. Our expert electricians can handle any installation, from EV chargers to solar energy systems and more. Call Mr. Electric® today to learn about the many electrical installation services we offer or to schedule your next appointment!

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Broad Overview of Electrical Installation Services

At Mr. Electric, we offer a variety of installation services for both homes and commercial locations that can improve your safety, quality of life, and electrical efficiency.

Wiring and Panel Installations

You need to keep your wiring and electrical panel up to date. This equipment powers your whole property, so when it works poorly, it affects all of your devices. We offer the following wiring and panel installation services to keep your electrical system in working order:

Appliance and Lighting Installations

New appliances and lighting make a huge difference in your home. Whether you’re upgrading to increase your home value or want to make your home a nicer place to live, installing a new appliance or light fixture is a great place to start. We offer the following installation services:

  • Ceiling Fan Installation – Adding a ceiling fan is an efficient way to cool your home without having to rely on power-thirsty central air and heating.
  • Chandelier Installation – A chandelier can add ambience to your home, increase resale value, and more effectively light your living space.
  • EV Charger Installation – Want to add an electric vehicle to your garage? An EVSE will keep your new vehicle charged and ready to drive when you need it.
  • Exhaust Fan Installation – Exhaust fans divert unpleasant odors out of your bathrooms and control moisture levels to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Generator Installations

Generators can provide power when your usual power source experiences an issue. This is especially important for commercial locations that can lose thousands of dollars from lost productivity during a power outage. Call on Mr. Electric to keep your home or business running when the unexpected happens:

  • Commercial Generator Installation – A commercial generator keeps the power running during severe weather and other outages. A constant source of power prevents you from losing money during an outage and can help keep your employees safe.
  • Residential Generator Installation – A home generator provides a constant source of power to

Electrical Safety and Efficiency Equipment Installations

Great electrical gear and high-quality devices can serve you well only if they’re used safely and efficiently. When it comes to your home or business, don’t put your people at risk or throw away money on inefficient electrical usage — call Mr. Electric to install the safety and efficiency monitoring equipment you need:

  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector Installation – Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential in every home and office to protect the people inside from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Power Conditioner Installation – A power conditioner provides surge protection and noise filtration that can help keep you comfortable while ensuring that your devices remain safe during dangerous power surges.
  • Power Consumption Meter Installation – Power consumption meters provide you with the knowledge needed to drastically reduce your energy use and save money on your monthly power bill.

Call Mr. Electric for Your Electrical Installation Needs

If you need to have an appliance, electrical panel, generator, or other piece of electrical equipment installed, Mr. Electric can get the job done. We have decades of experience helping homeowners and business owners with all of their electrical needs.

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