Lighting Repair Service

A good lighting repair company can perform commercial and residential repair services in a timely manner. Flickering fluorescent lights, broken light switches, and old wiring are no match for lighting repair professionals. When your office’s can lights die, or when it’s time to replace your home’s landscape lighting, you can trust Mr. Electric to tackle the job right the first time.

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Residential Lighting Repairs

Your home’s lighting design is what makes your living spaces functional, comfortable, and inviting. A good lighting scheme includes adequate fixtures and lamps, which are made adaptable and flexible through dimmers, timers and variable settings. But when something goes wrong with your lights, it can disrupt your family’s comfort. If your home’s lights malfunction, do you have a trusted residential lighting repair service to call?

Commercial Lighting Repairs

Commercial lighting is an entirely different thing than residential lighting. Warehouse lights need to be powerful and long-lasting to minimize bulb replacement frequency. Retail spaces may need to redesign their lighting often to meet their showroom’s shifting inventory layout. Frequently moving fixtures around can result in damage to the lights themselves. People who work in office settings need lighting that is adequately bright, but not too bright. Office lighting should feel as natural as possible and reduce eye strain for computer users. A great lighting repair company will be able to handle all of your commercial space’s lighting upgrades and repairs.

What Does it Cost to Replace a Light Switch?

Not all damaged light switches can be repaired. When you consider the age of the switch, plus potential cost and safety concerns, it often makes more sense to just replace damaged switches. For both residential and commercial spaces, it makes a lot of sense to replace regular light switches with dimmer switches. Dimmable light switches can set the mood for a dinner party at home and alleviate eye strain at the office. But not all light bulbs work with dimmer switches, so it’s important to ensure that the dimmer and the bulb can work together. In addition, the risk of electric shock while swapping out a light switch is huge. These are just two reasons why it’s important to trust light switch upgrades to a licensed electrician.

The cost to replace a light switch depends on various factors, including:

  • Location. Each Mr. Electric location is independently owned, and each owner sets their own labor rates.
  • Condition of existing wiring and fixtures. If the wiring or fixture connected to the switch needs to be repaired or replaced, the project price will increase.
  • Light switch model. Every switch configuration and brand has its own price. A four-switch plate will cost more than a two-switch plate. Dimmers cost more than regular switches, but the time it takes to install them is comparable.

Who Does Lighting Repair Near Me?

When you need to find a lighting repair service in your area that you can count on, remember Mr. Electric. We have built a solid reputation for fast response times, outstanding workmanship, and courteous customer service. Your local Mr. Electric can perform all your lighting repair tasks and many other electrical services at your residential or commercial location.

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