Recessed Lighting Installation Service

Does your home have lighting that isn’t up to your standards, but you don’t want to impact the visuals of the space with a light fixture? Recessed lighting may be exactly what you’re looking to add.

Recessed lighting installation, however, is a beast all unto itself. It often involves creating new holes in your ceiling plus all the electrical work that comes with any lighting install.

Don’t let yourself be stymied by a challenging recessed lighting install task — let a professional electricial services company take care of it for you! We offer installation services for recessed lights that are sure to meet your needs.

Let Mr. Electric® Install Recessed Lighting in Your Home!

If you’ve ever looked into installing recessed lighting on your own, you know how complex it can be. You need to drill a perfectly sized hole in your ceiling and run wires throughout your walls. If you don’t have any formal training in electrical work, recessed lighting probably isn’t the task you should start with. Even if you have installed lights before, it’s often worth it to have a professional handle recessed lighting.

Thankfully, we offer affordable installation services for recessed lighting and more. Don’t worry about buying tools, setting up a ladder in your home, or figuring out how to run electrical wires to the correct destination. All you have to do is sit back and relax while one of our electrical experts installs the perfect lighting solution for your home.

Why You Should Let a Professional Add Recessed Lighting to Your Home

Like many home improvement tasks, recessed lighting can be installed DIY style by someone who isn’t a professional. However, it’s much more convenient and even safer to hire someone to come and install these types of lights.

Wondering how a professional installation is better than doing it yourself? Here are a few of the reasons we recommend hiring a professional recessed lighting installer:


Most home installation tasks have the potential to be frustrating. That’s doubly true for anything that involves wiring. With recessed lighting, you have the rare triple threat of standard home install frustrations, electrical work, and cutting holes into your house. Don’t spend all day on a ladder with sore shoulders; let a pro handle this one.

Improved Home Lighting

If you’ve been waiting on installing new recessed lighting, you should know just how much it can improve your home. Recessed lighting has the advantage of being out of the way while still adding a sense of depth to your room. With recessed lights, you can make your home brighter and more inviting.

Money Savings

Many of the modern recessed or canned lighting options available are designed to help save energy. With new lights in your home, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your power bill each year.


Recessed lighting can improve the safety of your home by reducing trip hazards and other problems that come with low-light areas. Additionally, hiring a professional recessed lighting installer eliminates the risk of hurting yourself during the installation process.

Space Saving

Recessed lighting is a great option for places where a standard light fixture, bulb, or lamp won’t fit.

Technology Compatibility

Many modern recessed lighting options have the ability to integrate into a smart home. If you’re looking to add smart functionality to your home, then our expert electricians can help you set it up correctly.

Increased Home Value

No one wants a home that isn’t properly lit. Adding recessed lights and other lighting elements to your home can increase its sale value should you ever put it on the market.