How to Light a Hallway

Hallway Lighting

When it comes to lighting design, hallways, stairs, and landings can be challenging. These narrow passageways often don’t have any natural light, but are also high-traffic areas in many homes. Combining aesthetics with safety is key when choosing new fixtures for lighting a dark hallway.

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Hallway Lighting Ideas

For ideal hallway lighting, remember this rule of thumb: a hallway should have a light fixture every eight feet. When choosing light bulbs and calculating brightness, take into account the hallway dimensions, color scheme, and any natural light available in the area.

Not sure what kind of light fixtures to choose for your hallway lighting? Here are some expert recommendations about the best lighting for your hall, stairs, and landing.

Recessed Lights

Recessed Hallway Lighting

For the typical new home, recessed lights are standard light fixtures. For corridors, recessed lights provide widespread general lighting, take up zero space in an already cramped hallway, and coordinate with any décor. If you don’t want flashy light fixtures distracting from the corridor’s design features or artwork, recessed lights can be a great option for your hallway.

Flush/Semi-Flush Lights

Semi Flush Hallway Lighting

For light fixtures that offer a little more style and substance than recessed lights, consider flush or semi-flush fixtures. These lights will protrude from the ceiling without making the ceiling feel even lower than it is. With a wide array of styles, materials, and sizes available, flush or semi-flush ceiling lights can be unique design elements that add to the area’s vibe.

Wall Sconces

Wall Sconce Lighting

Many hallways are perfectly suited for wall sconce light fixtures. Placing a sconce at either end of a hall can help anchor the long space. Choose a bold design to punctuate an expansive wall with a pop of color – think stained glass, art deco designs, or colored light bulbs. Selecting vertically oriented sconces will help the corridor feel a little taller, while horizontal sconces emphasize the hall’s length.

Hanging Lights for Halls

Hanging Lights

The average hallway has limited space and low ceilings, which means that pendant lights are rarely a good choice. But if your hall has a high ceiling, pendant lights can add interest and depth to an otherwise ho-hum area. If you have at least ten-foot ceilings, consider placing a pendant light at either end of the hallway to anchor the hall and bring some fresh energy to the area. Choose pendants that fit the space and don’t make doorways feel cramped.

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Hallway Night-Lights

Hallway Nightlight Lighting

Many families find that hallway night-lights are a necessity. A night-light can help groggy children or guests safely find their way to the bathroom. Motion sensor lighting for a dark hallway is a thoughtful touch that improves the space for everyone. There are hardwired hallway night-light motion sensor fixtures on the market that will enhance the appearance and function of a hallway.

Professional Hallway Lighting Installation Services

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