Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting Guide

The living room is the second-most popular gathering space, after the kitchen. For that reason, your living room’s lighting scheme is critical for creating the right atmosphere for your friends and family.

The following living room lighting ideas will inspire you to improve the lighting in your home’s main living space.

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The Best Lighting for Living Rooms

Living rooms are often multi-purpose spaces. Each area of the room calls for its own specific lighting: general illumination for everyday activities and gatherings, reading lamps, and accent lights all have a place and purpose in the average living room.

Here’s how to mix them all together to create a comfortable and functional living room.

Ceiling Fan with Light

Living Room Ceiling Fan With Light

Ceiling fans are a must for living rooms. They improve airflow and make the room feel cooler on warm days. It’s a good idea to choose a dual-purpose ceiling fan with lights to provide general overhead lighting for the room.

Got a ceiling fan with no lights? Learn how to add a light kit to your ceiling fan.

Recessed Lights

Living Room Recessed Lighting

The best light bulbs for living rooms are efficient and dimmable. This means that LED light bulbs are the best choice for most living room light fixtures, especially for general lighting fixtures like recessed lights. One of the most convenient things about recessed lights is that they can coordinate with just about any other décor elements.

Wall Sconces

Living Room Wall Sconce Lighting

Wondering how to light a living room with no overhead lighting fixtures? Wall sconces could be the solution you’re looking for. These wall-mounted light fixtures are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Different models can provide light that is directed upward or downward, or diffused throughout the area. Sconces are also a great way to illuminate a dark corner of a room with style.

Display/Accent Lights

Living Room Display Accent Lights

Accent lighting helps draw the eye to a specific area of the room. If you have a special work of art or a dramatic architectural feature in your living room, make sure it stands out to visitors by training a display light on it. With accent lights, you can control how people experience the living room and ensure that the most significant elements don’t go unnoticed.

Track Lighting

Living Room Track Lighting

Consider installing track lighting to highlight artwork or photographs. Track lighting is a type of accent light that features multiple lights in a row. If there’s a meaningful display above the fireplace or a photographic collage covering a wall, track lights will draw attention to these areas and ensure they are always visible for people to appreciate.

Professional Living Room Lighting Installation

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