Bathroom Vanity Light Installation

Good lighting in your bathroom is a necessity for most. Whether you’re using your bathroom mirror to put on makeup for a date, apply face paint for a big game, or just do your everyday skincare routine, you need to see clearly in order to make it happen.

If your bathroom’s current overhead lighting isn’t cutting it, then vanity lighting could be the answer. These lights hang over your bathroom mirror and sink to provide more effective lighting. Most notably, vanity lighting gives you a clearer view of your appearance and makes it easier to style your hair, put on makeup, and perform skincare routines.

Not sure if a vanity light makes sense for your bathroom? Keep reading to learn more about what these lights are and how they can make your bathroom more functional.

Mr. Electric service professional installing bathroom vanity lights.

What is a Vanity Light?

A vanity light is a set of lights positioned over the mirror in your bathroom. The reason behind the name comes from a piece of furniture, called a vanity, which held makeup, beauty products, and jewelry. The mirrors in vanities were used to get ready for social events.

Today, most people don’t have a true vanity in their homes, but most of us have one built into our bathrooms. That’s right: technically, the bathroom mirror above your sink is a vanity. However, if you just have overhead lighting in your ceiling, especially if your bathroom has no windows, you might not be getting an accurate representation of your appearance.

Vanity lights help to correct this issue.

Advantages of a Vanity Light

By being positioned directly over your mirror, a vanity light is a direct light source that makes it easier to see what you look like. The bulbs in vanity lights also tend to provide stronger illumination than overhead lighting, allowing you to see greater detail on your face. They also help to illuminate your countertop so that you can more easily see items on your counter.

Additionally, properly installed vanity lights can help boost the value of a home. Vanity lights are both visually attractive and functional, which makes them a perfect addition for any bathroom. Even those who don’t use makeup or have a detailed skincare routine can benefit from vanity lights. For example, a vanity light makes it easier to line up your beard or cleanly shave your face.

How to Install a Vanity Light

Installing a vanity light can be fairly easy provided you already have wires running to the correct area of your bathroom. If you don’t have wires in place, it’s recommended that you hire an electrician to at least do that part of the installation.

Once the wires are in place, here’s how to install a vanity light:

  1. Measure your space: Before you get too far down the road, make sure to measure the space above your vanity. This way you’ll be sure to grab a properly sized light fixture for your room.
  2. Shut off the power: Using your main breaker, switch off the power to the bathroom. This can be done by locating the switch that controls the electricity in your bathroom and switching it to the “off” position.
  3. Remove existing fixture (if present): If you already have a lighting fixture in place, remove it by loosening the screws on the glass shades. Then, remove the shades and bulbs and set them aside. Remove the nuts and screws on the mounting bracket and pull the fixture from the wall to expose the wiring.
  4. Test and disconnect the wiring: Use a voltage tester to ensure that the electricity is indeed shut off in the room before touching the wiring. Once you confirm that it is off, remove the wire nuts from the white, black, and green (or bare) wires. With those removed, you can then remove the mounting plate from the wall.
  5. Repair any damage left from the old fixture: If your new fixture has different dimensions than your old one, you may need to spackle and repaint the scrapes left on the wall.
  6. Install the mounting plate: Locate the mounting plate in the box with your new fixture and then install it in the correct location according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Reconnect the wiring: Twist the grounding wire around a loosened grounding screw a few times then tighten the screw into place. Twist the black wires together, then twist the white wires together. Cover the ends of both with a wire nut and check to make sure the nut is secure.
  8. Install the fixture: Place the fixture on the wall and screw it into the mounting plate. Then follow the instructions in your manual to add the lights and shades.
  9. Turn on the power: Go back to your breaker and turn on the power to the bathroom. Then go check to ensure that the vanity lights function properly.

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Vanity Light Installation Services from Mr. Electric

While installing a vanity light on your own is certainly possible, we know that not everyone wants to risk a shock while doing electrical work. If you’re not too keen on working with wires, Mr. Electric is here to help. Our expert electricians have the knowledge needed to set up your brand-new vanity lights. Whether you’re installing vanity lights for the first time or replacing an old set, we can help with your bathroom lighting installation needs

Want to get your vanity lights installed soon? Give us a call at (844) 866-1367 or schedule an appointment online today!