Blogs in March 2016

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your home while having fun in the process? Try one of these fun and useful crafts to add light to any home!                                                                                       

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In our last installment on appliances that need dedicated circuits, we’ll address the unsung appliance heroes in your home that often run behind-the-scenes, unnoticed.

You may not notice these appliances (unless something goes wrong), but they still need a dedicated circuit:...Continue Reading

In our last installment on dedicated circuit breakers, we discussed major appliances common in today’s homes that require dedicated circuit breaker protection. Think because the “big guns” are covered, you’re safe? Not so fast - you could still be overloading your electrical system…

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Breaker tripped? Lights dimming? You might be surprised at the number of appliances in your home that require dedicated circuits - a circuit breaker in your electrical box set aside for the sole purpose of supplying a single appliance with electricity. What type of appliances requires dedicated...Continue Reading

The electrical panel in your home can seem overwhelming, as can the other electrical components around your house. These articles offer insight and suggestions about how to improve your electrical panel’s longevity and ensure your system is safe. 


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If you own a Smartphone, tablet, smart watch, laptop and e-reader, you’re probably profoundly aware of how much technology dominates your life. Can you step away from these devices for just one day?

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“How was your day?”

“Oh, same old, same old.”

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