Blogs in November 2016

While simply swapping burned out bulbs in an existing ballast is deemed “ballast repair” by many – and can offer advantages in longevity and energy savings – sometimes this...Continue Reading

Who doesn’t love to think their holiday cooking beats the rest of the bunch? If you’re ready to take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level and impress your guests, these fancy cooking gadgets are a must-have. If it eases the process, all while improving the finished product, it’s worth...Continue Reading

Before you’re squinting to decipher stuffing instructions or hauling that 20 pound ham across the room to better reveal the thermometer reading, it’s time to put some serious thought into upgrading your kitchen lighting. If your current...Continue Reading

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless toxic gas produced by fuel-burning appliances. Carbon monoxide is responsible for an estimated 15,000 emergency room visits and 500 unintentional deaths in the US each year.

Carbon monoxide...Continue Reading

American office workers spend a third or more of each weekday at the office. Are you setting up your employees to work productively, or does spending hours at the office drain their energy levels?

You have many options for ensuring the good health and productivity of your employees, but...Continue Reading

Florescent lighting is commonly found throughout homes and businesses. Electrical terms can be confusing at times, but it’s always helpful to be familiar with some. Curious about how this works? Find out how ballasts relate to your everyday lighting!

What does a ballast do?

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