Blogs in January 2017

Protruding plugs can create electrical eyesores, leaving furniture and appliances floating, robbing space, and making for strange views. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily solve these issues with the help of recessed outlet technology.

Keeping a low profile

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Last updated: 9/12/2023

Grab the shiny-new mobile device you’re reading this blog on, saunter over to your hallway, and look up. Do you see:

A. Yellowed globe lights?
B. Dust bunny-laden ceiling fans?
C. Gold or yellow-brass anything?
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On January 10, Mr. Electric celebrated National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with home and business owners nationwide striving to save energy by making simple, common-sense changes. Are you ready to take those same energy saving steps for the betterment of your budget and Mother Earth?

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Most home fires start from the smallest of accidental causes, many of them in the “should’ve known better” genre. Prevented with the simplest of steps, this year, put breaking these bad electrical habits at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list….

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