Blogs in June 2017

Each and every one of us depends on electricity to smoothly move through our day. Our cell phones, laptops and countless other appliances run on electric power. Our need for electricity is overwhelmingly apparent and especially realized when something goes wrong – which is most likely when you...Continue Reading

We rely on electricity to maintain nearly every aspect of our daily lives. When we use and make purchasing decisions about electronics and appliances, we’re deluged with the latest information on ‘energy efficiency,’ and best practices for minimizing electricity use and reducing power bills....Continue Reading

It seems so simple. You get home from work, bump up the thermostat, grab a hot shower, and flip on the TV while dinner is warming in the oven. But you take for granted all these lovely conveniences rely on the electricity pumping through your home to exist. How does electricity arrive on the...Continue Reading

Your generator is the piece of machinery that provides peace of mind during weather emergencies, accidents and blackouts. It’s your generator’s job to take care of you and your loved ones, but it’s your job to take care of your generator!

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your...Continue Reading

Like most Americans, you rely on electricity daily, but probably don’t give much thought as to where it comes from, or how it magically appears in your home to power your various electronic devices.  However it pays to take a look, as between current global environmental concerns and the...Continue Reading