Blogs in September 2016

Electricity – it’s easy to take for granted until a power outage takes it away. Do you have a plan for powering your home during a blackout? Installing a backup generator is a reliable way to keep your home comfortable, your lights on, perishable food refrigerated and the hot water running until...Continue Reading

Renewable power stations and advances in related technology are expected to continue to grow strongly across the U.S. in the coming decade and beyond as the country attempts to supply more and more of its electricity needs from sustainable sources. Dubbed “a new era of energy exploration” by...Continue Reading

When most people think of childproofing their home, their minds jump to childproof outlets. The National Fire Protection Association stated that approximately 2,400 children suffer from shock and burns each year from electric outlets. However, childproof outlets are only the beginning to...Continue Reading

In celebration of Baby Safety Month this September, 2016, you may be considering adding childproof outlets to your home. A life and property-saving device, these...Continue Reading

Here at Mr. Electric, we want to make sure that you stay safe this fall and winter when it comes to your generator. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your generator. Here is a checklist to help keep you and your family safe if your power goes out this season:

...Continue Reading

Hiking? Trade show? Long flight? Concerned about communications capabilities in the event of a power outage or in the event of roadside emergencies? You need backup. Battery backup - available in a wide variety of portable charger forms, from portable phone chargers to backup and on-site...Continue Reading

Since September is National Preparedness Month, there’s no better time to install a backup power generator. This step can help protect your home and family from a number of power-related emergencies. Learn more about how generators work, when they...Continue Reading